Directions to our office

How to find us, welcome!


Our address is:
Näsilinnankatu 48 E

33200 Tampere


Our office is at the corner of Laukontori and Eteläpuisto (In the Maa- ja metsätalo). The building can be easily recognized from the ”Maa- ja metsätalo”-sign on the roof.

Maa- ja metsätalo Näsilinnankatu 48

The main entrance is located at the Näsilinnankatu side, Näsilinnankatu 48 E

You can see the street number 48 E above the main entrance door. 
Stairs lead to the main entrance.

You can find the door buzzer at the left side of the front door.

kuva rapun ovesta, Näsilinnankatu 48 E

The door buzzer at the left side of the front door is clearly marked with a blue arrow. The front door is open until 4:15 p.m. 
After that, please press the door buzzer and we will let you in.

Our office is on the third (3rd) floor.

Our office door is locked. There is a doorbell on the left side of the door. Press the doorbell properly for a moment.


You can get to the place without others noticing you.

The accessible entrance is located at the inner court.

You can get there from Pyhäjärvenkatu side.

There is no door buzzer on this side yet.

Because of this, please notify us in advance, so that we can meet you there. Call or text Mikko: 040 510 7488

Inner court from Pyhäjärvenkatu
Door from the inner court

The third floor can be accessed by an elevator, which door side width is 900 millimetres. The length of the elevator is 120 cm and the width is 105 cm. 

The office has an accessible toilet.



There is plenty of public parking space in front of the building. Parking is free from 6 p.m. onwards.


Public transport


The closest tram stop is ”Tuulensuu”, 600 m from the office, tram line 3 (Pyynikintori-Hervanta) stops there.

The nearest bus stop is ”Eteläpuisto”, 100 m from the office, bus lines 13, 26, 27 and 28 stop there.

Tampere Central Market is a 900 m walk far from the office, many bus lines drive from there.


Tampere railway station is 1.22 km far from the office. E.g. tram line 3 and bus lines 26 and 28 pass near it.