Tampere Queerspace

Tampere Queerspace 

A space for and by LGBTIQ+ people in the Tampere area.

Tampere Queerspace is an English-speaking support group for members of sexual and gender minorities. The group is overseen by Sinuiksi ry. 
Participation is open to everybody, regardless of age, how you identify or where you live. There are no requirements to commit to the group on a more long-term basis. You can just show up, meet new people and have a say in how the space and group develops! 

The group meets twice a month, once on Tuesday and once on Friday. On Tuesday meetings we usually do a heart circle and afterwards just mingle.  Friday meetings are more relaxed and focused on doing fun things together.

You can ask for more information: mico(at)pirkanmaanseta.fi

Safer space 

We follow safer space guidelines. 

Everyone is welcome as they are: Sinuiksi ry is a discrimination free zone. 

No drugs or alcohol. 

We respect one another as equals

Discretion: everything that is shared within the group remains there. Please do not talk about it with people who were not present. Whatever has been shared at previous meetings may only be referred to, in later meetings, with the permission of the person who shared it. This is about developing trust and mutual respect. 

Mutual appreciation and respecting one another’s privacy: let others define themselves if they wish regarding sexual orientation and gender identity. 

Avoid presuming and generalizing. This way we can avoid anybody getting the feeling that the group is exclusive to members who identify a certain way. 

Names: You decide what name you want to be called. 

Mistakes and questions are allowed. Not everyone is familiar with all the relevant terms and many of us disagree on their definition or scope. 

Let’s be constructive, fair and understanding, so that everyone can feel confident to freely participate in discussions. 

Let’s make room for one another: some of us are more active while others prefer to mainly listen. Do your part to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to speak and be heard in a conversation. Wait for people to finish and avoid interrupting them. 

Please don't “out” one another outside the group (“Hey! We met at that support group, remember?”). 

Respect one another’s bodily integrity. We do not tolerate sexual harassment and abide by Finnish law concerning the age of consent (16). 

Togetherness: we nurture an uplifting atmosphere together. A group that feels safe allows us to focus on enjoying one another’s company. 

Sharing responsibility: don’t leave everything to the group facilitator. Sharing responsibilities fosters an atmosphere of togetherness. 

Trust in the group! Planning and evolving as a group is something we do together. 

Complaints or concerns
You can always be in touch with Jenni if you have any concerns. Jenni is responsible for the groups and can help resolve issues if needed: jenni(at)pirkanmaanseta.fi.


Our commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion 

You are welcome the way you are! 
You are also welcome if you feel incomplete, on your way to becoming yourself! 

You are welcome regardless of your ancestry, age, gender identity, gender expression, state of health or illness. You are welcome regardless of your political, religious, or cultural background. You are welcome regardless of your nationality, worldview, sexual orientation, sexual identity, disability, language, family structure or the type of relationship you are in. You are welcome regardless of your social or financial status. 

If you feel that we are failing to consider something that is important to you about yourself, know that you can safely mention this to us. It is part of our job to create a space that is as safe as possible to be able to discuss in confidence issues that matter to you.